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Women, Education, and Widener

By Caitlyn Karetsky '18

Over the course of time, women have made almost a 180 degree turn around with their access to education.  Let’s take it back to when America was first discovered.  Women were limited to household...

This Competition Isn’t Just A Piece of Cake

This Competition Isn’t Just A Piece of Cake

By Kelsey Styles and Megan Devecchis '17

…except it is. Widener’s School of Hospitality Management hosted its fourth annual Cake Boss Challenge on Thursday, March 26. The winners of each category were: Most Unique Flavor: Pride Pack Dance Crew Grandma’s Favorite:...


Organization Day

By Aaron Schneck

The Widener ROTC program will be hosting an event on May 2, 2015 that will involve the entire Dauntless Battalion which includes Villanova University, West Chester University, Penn State Brandywine, as well as the...

KODAK Digital Still Camera

Honors Week Convocation Celebrates Student Success

By Kelsey Styles

With Alumni Auditorium packed full of significant figures both from Widener’s campus and beyond, the convocation ceremony held on the last day of Honors Week is perhaps the best way to end another great...


Opinion: The Benefits of Losing

By Brianna Cortes '18

In today’s society, more often than not, children lose the sight of what it truly means to earn something. Parents spoil their children, devaluing countless items because they were simply handed to them.  In...


Reminder: Housing Selection Begins Next Week

By Kelsey Styles and Joann Klein '17

Students must make sure they’ve paid the $400 deposit by this Friday, March 20, and successfully submitted their housing application. The selection process begins this coming Monday, March 23. May the dorms be ever in...


ROTC: Have YOU Got What it Takes?

By Nicholas Drake ’18

Army ROTC is an organization on campus that allows students to earn a degree as they are being trained to become Army officers after they graduate. This program is very beneficial, because it offers...