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Welcome Class of 2019!

By Kelsey Styles

Friday, August 28 at 9:30 am greeted the class of 2019 as official students for the first time (finally). After a long and stressful summer of registration and orientations, this year’s freshmen were recognized...


10 Tips for Incoming Freshmen

By Jennifer Rohrbach '18

 Your first year of college can be a challenging, confusing, and difficult time as you transition from childhood into adulthood. For many of you this is the first time you will be living on...


Otakon 2015 Predictions

By Kelsey Styles

 As Otakon quickly approaches, I am teeming with excitement, as most of  the 30,000+ attendees are. This year will mark my sixth (sixth? Really?!)  at the biggest anime convention on the East Coast. As...


New History Professor Brings Paris to Widener

By Kelsey Styles

Though he was in Paris, European history professor Dr. Richard Hopkins spent most of the time with his nose in a book or his eyes to the ground. Six days out of the week...

Jaclyn Hald and President Harris Recap Switching Roles

Jaclyn Hald and President Harris Recap Switching Roles

By Danielle Cardona '18

“Jaclyn Hald, a senior Hospitality Management major here at Widener University, was elected as Widener’s 2015 President for a Day. Above was an interview constructed with President Harris and Jaclyn Hald about their experience!”