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Jaclyn Hald and President Harris Recap Switching Roles

Jaclyn Hald and President Harris Recap Switching Roles

By Danielle Cardona '18

“Jaclyn Hald, a senior Hospitality Management major here at Widener University, was elected as Widener’s 2015 President for a Day. Above was an interview constructed with President Harris and Jaclyn Hald about their experience!”

The image above depicts Widener’s Sacred Space in the lower level of the U.C.

A Letter to the Student Body: Protect Religion at Widener

By Christian Scittina

  For those who don’t know, Widener University celebrates spiritual  diversity. I imagine you must think, ‘I’m attending school to move on  from my traditions from when I was younger. ’ I also understand...


Have a Tanoshii Time!

By Kelsey Styles

“There’s a LOT that I’m excited about,” gushes Sam Ivy in an email interview, of Tanoshiicon, her second-annual anime convention. “People should come because 1.) it’s super fun with a lot to do and...