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The image above depicts Widener’s Sacred Space in the lower level of the U.C.

A Letter to the Student Body: Protect Religion at Widener

By Christian Scittina

  For those who don’t know, Widener University celebrates spiritual  diversity. I imagine you must think, ‘I’m attending school to move on  from my traditions from when I was younger. ’ I also understand...


Have a Tanoshii Time!

By Kelsey Styles

“There’s a LOT that I’m excited about,” gushes Sam Ivy* of Tanoshiicon, her second-annual anime convention. “People should come because 1.) it’s super fun with a lot to do and 2.) it’s only $10.”...


Spend Your Saturday Giving Back!

By Kelsey Styles

As the end of the semester quickly approaches, students are scrambling to turn in essays, study for exams, and get any last minute community service hours in. This Saturday, April 18, offers everyone a...