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Tractors went around campus clearing the walkways and streets of snow after Jonas passed. (Jeanette McGuire/THE BLUE & GOLD)

Winter Storm Jonas at Widener: The Aftermath

By Jeannette McGuire '17

Winter Storm Jonas hit us fast and hard at Widener University. The Greater Philadelphia area hasn’t experienced anything like it since the “Snowpocalypse” of 2010. After closing campus for the weekend, most students spent...


Chester Eastside’s Bright Side

By Kelsey Styles '17

Nonprofit Offers Peace to a Struggling Community Chester residents fight the early morning chill as they truck carts and strollers down East 9th street on a Monday in late October, parking themselves on the...

Entire alleyways in Chester are virtually covered in snow; wind gusts of 50-60 miles per hour (80-97 kilometers per hour) caused some spots to look as if nothing fell there."

Winter Widener-land

By Kelsey Styles '17 and Kelsey Powell '18

Winter Storm Jonas hit Chester City, covering Widener in a foot of snow. Though some students were stuck in their dorms all day, some went out and enjoyed the weather. Here are a couple...


Ask the Faculty: Holiday Edition

By Maria Ciasullo '19

With the infamously hectic finals week coming to an end, students at Widener University have one thing on their minds this season: getting home to their families and an entire month of relaxation. It’s...


Widener Student Records Album in LA

By Danielle Cardona '18

Senior English Major Brittany Cassidy recently recorded an album in Los Angeles, California, in mid-July of 2015. However, when I say senior, I’m not talking about a 21 or 22 year old. Brittany has...


Physicist Psychs Future Scientists

By Peter Berlet '19

On Nov. 30, professional physicist Dr. Michio Kaku came to Widener University and gave a lecture about himself and some topics about physics, and I had the opportunity to attend this event held in...