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In cold weather, remember to bundle up, because the dome above must open to see the sky.

Widener’s Observatory: Bring Your Eyes

By David Kelly '17

At the Widener Observatory, students taking astronomy courses are required to attend for credit, but all guests are encouraged to come just for the fascination of viewing the night sky and a little beyond,...


Disaster Strikes! Leads to Sudent Success

By Kelsey Styles '17

Over 150 bodies were scattered across campus on Thursday, Oct. 13 as senior nursing students participated in a realistic disaster simulation between 9 a.m. and 11 a.m. Bodies were splayed out front of Founders...


Physicist Psychs Future Scientists

By Peter Berlet '19

On Nov. 30, professional physicist Dr. Michio Kaku came to Widener University and gave a lecture about himself and some topics about physics, and I had the opportunity to attend this event held in...


Dr. Michio Kaku Will Blow Your Mind

By Robert Dietrich '19

This Monday November 30, an exciting talk will be presented by the physicist, futurist and accomplished ice skater Dr. Michio Kaku. It will take place at 1 p.m. in Alumni Auditorium, and will be...


Widener Nurses Prepare for Disaster!

By Alyssa Niedzwiedz '19

On Nov. 12, freshman nursing students gathered in Founders Hall to hear Professor Cathleen Evans and her senior nursing students speak about disaster planning. During the presentation, students learned how to make observations during a...