Horror Meets Humanity in Muschietti’s “It”

The recently-released movie “It” by director Andres Muschietti is based on the 1986 Stephen King novel of the same name. When I first heard of this movie, I thought it was a remake the 1990 miniseries, which aired on ABC. However, that wasn’t the case. The 2017 movie, which is certified 84% fresh on Rotten Tomatoes, is based more on the original novel.

The movie focuses more on the children than did the old miniseries. Seven kids living in Derry, Maine have to face off against the shape-shifting clown Pennywise, and confront their own personal fears. “It” the movie is better paced and more coherent, while being more focused on the horror and tension in the scenes involving the clown Pennywise and the kids’ parents.

The performance of Swedish actor and model Bill Skarsgård as Pennywise is much more frightening and sadistic than the Tim Curry version of the clown in the miniseries. Skarsgård’s acting is great, but the best actors are the kids. Their characters give off an underdog feel as they’re fighting against something they cannot control, which is bullying, while at the same time facing what they’re most afraid of.

Jaeden Lieberher-image from IMDb

My favorite character is Bill Denbrough played Jaeden Lieberher. The way he plays his character is realistic; he has psychological issues he can’t control and has a personal connection to Pennywise. Without giving away spoilers, each of the kids has their own personal problem and fear to face which helps the seven kids to bond. Their acting reminds me of the cast of the show “Stranger Things,” because of the friendships between the main characters.

Overall this is a film I would highly recommend checking out. If you’re a fan of Stephen King’s book, “Stranger Things” or horror, this movie is worth a good watch.


By: Millard Whatley '20

Millard is a Digital Media Informatics student. He will graduate in the year 2020.

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